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Maybe what CT needs to really get the ball rolling on local beers, brew bars and the like is a yearly/semi-annual brewfest.
Any thoughts on this? I can see a place like the convention center or even a public park fitted with tasting booths, flights and info about the beer trail. Maybe even have a contest for home brewers.

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I'd definitely be interested in a local homebrew competition.  There is a competition in the Fall located in Newtown run by the Underground Brewers of CT, and is an excellent homebrew competition.  It would be great to have something similar to that for local folks only.

We have some long term plans, but in the mean time check out Connecticut's breweries and the CT Beer Trail website staff (all 2 of us at the moment) at this upcoming event!  Hope to see you there!



I went last year and had a blast.  My only regret was not getting there sooner and not camping out afterwards!  Hopefully this year the rain will hold out.


Perhaps we could convince CT's breweries to have a limited edition release made specially for the event and/or to support the Connecticut Beer Trail and a portion of the proceeds used to support the trail signs, passports, maps, or whatever other media is needed to further spread the word of the trail.

I call first judge's chair!
I was at the Burnside fest last year, and although it was almost a washout the turnout was still good. I can't wait to see what's in store this year, I'll certainly be there. I can't remember, but I think there was a homebrew competition there? It all gets a little hazy ;)
There was a homebrew competition that was going on during the fest, Zok was running it.  I got to participate in it which was cool, but it was pretty low key.
I've always wanted to start up a Connecticut Beer Week.  I think that would be one of the more effective ways to promote all things beer related in the State.  From brewery events, bar nights, and maybe even another beer fest at the end of the week to close out the celebration.  I've been to a handful of other city-centric beer weeks, and with the right advertising and hype the interest levels sky rocket.
Aliza, great idea...  Let's talk about this idea via email or something.  I'm sure you have a ton of great ideas, and I'd like to pitch in to make this idea come together.
I'd be interested in helping as well.  Hopefully we could get support from all that benefit from CTBeertrail.net as well.  Perhaps we should start a group on the CT Beer Week to encourage brainstorming from all members and create a committee to run with it?
We might do that, not a bad idea...
We would be there with demo's and bells on.   Brew and Wine Hobby is looking at sponsoring a second competition to get a Spring competition to complement the Underground Brewer's competition.  Thoughts on that?
That would be an excellent event to have during a CT Beer Week celebration!


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