CT Beer Trail

Does your favorite watering hole offer local craft beers?  We're looking for the bar with the most comprehensive selection of CT beers (on tap or in bottle/can is fine).
Tell us about your favorite location...
  • What CT beers are they serving up?
  • Do they have any other great craft beers to offer?
  • What's the atmosphere and crowd like? 

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Kevin, I've spent some time at Eli Cannon's and Delaney's Tap Room as well.  Always a good time, and some great beers available.  We're hoping to add them to our CT Beer Trail soon...

As for craft beer bars? Elis is the closest to me, so that's where I usually hang. I'm a huge fan of Prime 16, though. I'm heading to both places tomorrow night.


Bryon, check the message I sent you about merging our sites. I'm thinking this could be a great home for the functionality I implemented at theHappyTap.

Plan B in W Hartford Is a great beer bar.  Not imports, No bud, no coors.  Quickly rotaing craft beers on draft (i think twelve taps).  Long bottle (and can) list.   Arguably the best bartenders in Central CT.   


Next time you're there, ask them when they'll be joining the CT Beer Trail.
If any one knows where there might a good hidden beer bar in the Manchester/South Windsor area, I'm all ears.  I think at one point Mulberry Street Pizza started carrying local craft, but I think that's not that often anymore.
I am a mug club member at Eli Cannons and love the vibe there! It is my home away from home. Two of  the officers in my beer club have been to Mikros and loved it!  I just recently went to Plan B in Glastonbury, I agree with Chris when he says the bartenders, as well as wait staff, are excellent.  The waitress we had was very knowledgeable about craft beer, I even invited her to join our club!  There were a few set backs though.  The parking is the worst I have ever encountered, absolutely TERRIBLE!  The other thing is, although their beer menu is quite impressive, as well as the food menu, this is not a place I would ever go again as a beer hang out.  I would for a good dinner with an excellent beer, but not to hang, drink, and shoot the breeze.

WilliBrew, sorry but hands down the Best. 


Plan B is always on the list as well, great selection of rotating taps and nice burbons too.

  I try to hit The Place formerly known as John Hardvards at least once a month, Uncle Frank makes some fine IPA's.


Center Pug carries what you'd expect from a Irish Pub  and adds in local craft beers on tap such as Burnside  and Hooker.  ( p.s. I mentioned to the bartender that they weren't yet list on CT Beertrail and suggested they get with the program).

McLaddens has a huge selection of crafts but I find it gets way loud and claustrophobic neerer the bar you get.

Unfortunately there are NO beer bars in my neck of the woods. I am forced to run a half hr away to get good beers. Eli Cannons is a great beer bar with lots to choose from. Never tried any food at Cannons. Place was packed both times.

Delaney’s Tap Room has a great selection of beers as well. 2 bars. The front room used to be a little nicer than the back beer bar. Entire place is kind of in need now. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Stopped in for a few twice in the last month or so. I had a sandwich both times and was very happy with them.

Just stopped at Prime16 for the first time. Besides NH sucking for parking I give Prime my top rating for CT beer bar. Very nice atmosphere. Knowledgably friendly staff (spoke with bartender, Lar’s). GREAT selection of beers on TAP (most important thing to me in beer bar). Food was right up there as well. My new favorite CT beer bar. PRIME16.


We don’t have as many tap rooms down in the south west corner of the state but there is at least one good one that I know of. I am a member of their Hall of Foam and it is for good reason... they sport 30 taps of fresh brew and about 64 varieties of bottled beer. Monters B's Bar and Grille is the place and they switch up the beer selections often. I went in tonight and while their CT beer selection is rather thin, I am sure they would be happy to make some changes on some good recommendations. I also spoke with the manager about getting involved with the CT Beer Trail and he said he would look into it and talk with the owner.  The bar itself is a very nice place, well kept with good food and plenty of parking and a friendly staff.  Some bartenders are better then others as far as recommendations but all do a good job.  It is a laid back sports bar that you hardly ever have to fight your way to the bar to get a drink.

Tomato and Basil in Fairfield, CT has the best Craft Beer between Norwalk and New Haven.


They are an italian cafe and pizzeria with a awesome long marble bar with 5 taps, never any Industial on tap.

Last Checked they had Clipper City Black Cannon, Dale's Pale Ale, La Chouffe and Blue Point Toasted Lager.


They had Ten Penny on tap for a while and also Cavalry Hatch Plug for a bit too.


It was finally warm enough to take advantage of the patio at Eli's.  Their only Connecticut beer on tap was a good one: Dirty Penny.  Nikita's had Cottrell Old Yankee and a couple of Hooker varieties in bottles, plus their Irish Red on tap.  Incidentally, they did not serve green beer on St. Patrick's Day.
Believe it or not,  Ten Penny was pouring at the Holiday Inn in Portland Me. this weekend.  I settled on Gearys HSA ... 7% at the same price, I'm no fool.


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