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So, I'm getting ready to brew a porter and I thought I'd like to add maple syrup to the recipe. Does anybody know how much I should add to a 5 gallon recipe. Or, has anybody tried a spice called "Fenugreek" as an alternative to the syrup?

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I brewed a brown ale with a gallon of maple syrup and it came out awesome! I say go for it!!

Never made a beer with maple syrup but i have made mead and cider and have found the flavor is hard to keep through fermentation. Maybe make a dry beer and add it after to keep the maple flavor?

Last year at Brass City there was a guy talking about the history of cider, he flavored a batch with Maple Water, which he described as the thin sap that comes from the tree but is not yet cooked down into cider. I don't remember why it was better to use that form, but it did impart a somewhat subtle maple flavor.


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