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Have you heard any good rumors about new breweries or brew pubs opening in Connecticut?  Tell us what you think you know...

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CT Beer Trail recently talked to owner/developers for four new Connecticut breweries still in the planning phase.  Keep your eyes peeled for exciting news from the following new CT breweries.  And if you talk with them, let them know you want to see them here on the CT Beer Trail...


http://backeastbrewing.com/  (Greater Hartford area)



http://www.overshores.com/ (Killingworth, CT)

I'm a big fan of the Manchester John Harvard's... I've talked to their head brewer a while back and they have confirmed that they are changing ownership and their name. Really looking forward to seeing how the change will effect the place. By the way, their profile on this site is only a demo profile for them. We are still in talks, but if you're a fan, send them a message and let them know you want to see them on CTBeerTrail.net!

To be completely honest? I wasn't impressed by anything at John Harvard's. This move can only improve the place. I live down the street (literally) from Manchester JH, and I go out of my way to Willibrew if I want the local stuff.


Best of luck to JH, and I'm ready and willing to change my mind on them!

I've always been a fan of John Harvards, from when Chris Jacques was there to Uncle Frank. There have been some misfires, but I think that's the appeal of a brewpub. I'm not looking for consistency really, I'm looking for innovation. And for better or worse, John Harvards has delivered. 


Now as far as the food and restaurant side goes, hopefully this change will affect it for the better. Solid pub grub before, but it felt pretty Sysco to me. Uncle Frank, you just keep on keepin on. You're what makes that place what it is. It's my local, and I'm proud of it.

Please join me in welcoming Half Full Brewery to the CTBeerTrail.net...


The brewery is still in the initial funding phase, but they will be sharing news on their efforts right here on the CTBeerTrail website. We hope to get the other developing breweries to do the same to give us insight into what it's like to start your own brewery from scratch. We have some exciting related projects in the works, so stay tuned!

Went onto Four Square during some downtime at work in Branford earlier this week, and saw a place called Thimble Islands Brewing.  It's right down the road from my office, so I went and investigated.  It's in a tiny industrial park.  Not a sign up or anything.  Can't imagine it's more than a 1BBL brewery in there, unless they brew off premises.


They have a shell of a website up. 

Any word on this?

Liquor permit application announcement appeared in the community paper this week. Permittee is Justin Gargano from Guilford. They seem to be planning to sell from that location. Growlers maybe? No other info available.

Thanks Paul.

Connecticut's craft beer industry will get a little bigger this week with the announcement that one of the state's developing breweries is now officially open for business.

Relic Brewing, a small batch brewery located in Plainville, Conn., will formally announce later this weekend that they are officially state licensed and working to get their products on retail shelves soon.

Relic hopes to have, "...beer in limited stores in 22 oz. bottles in the next week," said the brewery's founder Mark Sigman in an exclusive interview with the Connecticut Beer Trail.

Keep you eyes on Relic Brewing and be sure to ask your local beer store for their beer.

Relic Brewing will be pouring samples at the upcoming Annual City Steam/Connecticut Beer Trail Winter Beer Festival, be sure to visit their table and try their beer!


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