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Getting  the ball rolling here I have a Red Ale in keg right now, and am planning on brewing a weizen beer this weekend. 


What beers do you have in the ferment/ What is your favorite thing about them?

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I have a Bass Clone in the Keg now and one in the fermenter now.  Not quite the same but I like it better.  I also have a pale ale using left over hops in the fermenter as well.   Planning on a stout this weekend.
Hoping to brew a few simultaneous batches this Sunday...  Some sort of stout, a BIPA and maybe something else...  But I must admit, I have not brewed for a bit.  I'm rusty.
Hey Bryon.  Sounds like quite a brewday you have planned!  Are you brewing extract, partial mash, or all grain?
Extract, but with steeping grains...  I have not yet ventured into the exciting world of all grain.
Looks like it will be a BIPA, Alt, and an Irish Red...
I've got an Arrogant Bastard clone in the bottle, a Cream Ale in primary, and a Northern English Nut Brown on deck for a Feb. 26th brew day.  Beyond that, I have a Spruce tip ale in the works and a Jalepeno lager bouncing around for Spring.  Amidst those beers will always be a few of my favorite IPA batches too!
ooh a jalapeno lager.  That sounds great!!  Is it someone's recipe, or did you make it up?  Does it have to age a long time?

This is a new one for me.  Still developing the recipe and have not brewed it yet.  There are only a few micro's in the country that do one, and it seems the best one is from Austin Texas.  I grew up in Tucson AZ and make my own cilantro lime salsa, so I know my way around a jalapeno!  I may end up using some cilantro in the beer too, not sure.  I may use lightly roasted jalapenos too, so then it would be a chipotle beer.  I hope to have it ready to taste for Cinco de Mayo aye aye aye!

Just did a Rye IPA and an ESB. American Stout this weekend!
Have two completed batches in the fridge - an American IPA and a Pilsner.  These are from kits [Mr. Beer].  Have really cut back on home brewing this past year because (a) experienced some problems with contamination and (b) the availability and variety of commercial microbrews has climbed exponentially over the last few years.  So many beers and so little time.
Has any one dabbled with creating their own recipes?  I have done a few with a little success.  Doing the research and actually creating my own beer from scratch was a rewarding feeling!

Hey MOJO. I would recommend "Designing Great Beers" by Ray Daniels for some insight into recipe formulation.  

"Brewing Classic Styles" by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer is also a great recipe reference for just about any style. Using their recipe as a starting point for a given style is a good foundation for coming up with your own.




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