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Getting  the ball rolling here I have a Red Ale in keg right now, and am planning on brewing a weizen beer this weekend. 


What beers do you have in the ferment/ What is your favorite thing about them?

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Hello. I have been doing clones for the past few years with extract and specialty grains. About 8 months ago I put together a Northern England Brown Ale and an amber ale after a lot of research in the Maltose Express' books and Designing Beer. They were great. Tried again with a couple of tweeks including adding blackberry extract to half the brown ale. Not so good. I think it was poor brewing practice honestly. Few more clones and then about month ago I kegged the amber again but I did the "three C's" for hops and upped the alpha acids a bit. I am thinking it might be closer to an IPA, but I can't pin down an accurate formula for IBU's. I am a big ipa fan and I am LOVING THIS BEER!
Nice.  I love me a good DRY and strong IPA.  Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe... these are a few of my favorite things!  Try doing a HUGE amount of 5 minute hop additions or even flame out additions, and then dry hop it.  I learned a lot by brewing a Pliny the Elder clone, possibly the best beer ever made.

I recommend Beersmith software for creating and maintaining your own recipes, it works great and only $20, well worth the effort.


Mojo - where is your brewing club based?  I am in Farmington and would be interested in joining a good homebrew circle.

We typically meet once a month (we try the first Friday of each) at different locations.  We have meet at my house most of the time, and our last meeting was at the Plan B restaurant  in Glastonbury.  We have a meeting this March 4th if you are interested.  Our theme is Irish red Ales and Irish stouts!
Black IPA- "Blackout IPA" officially named. Kegged one batch of it and the other will be bottled in a couple weeks. It is everything that is to be loved about both a dark beer and a crisp IPA.

Love the style.  Have you tried "Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale" by Stone?  

I haven't. I just read the info on it and sounds like something that I will have to try soon.
Ryan if you ever want learn, I will be posting our free "Brewing 101" class schedule up today.

I just kegged my American Pale Ale.  I have my starter going right now to brew a lager next weekend.  I developed the recipe to go in the same vein as Brooklyn Lager.  It will most closely match a Vienna Lager, but with a little too much hop aroma to be in style.  I brewed it last year, and it came out great.

Been brewing all grain for almost two years now.  It's not as hard as it might seem, and you can easily build a mash tun out of an orange rubbermaid drinking water cooler.

Just finished drinking a RyePA that I kegged a month back.  Brewing an Oatmeal Stout tonight!  I'm thinking about doing a Barleywine next so that I can have it ready for next christmas.
Brewed another Blackout IPA to bottle in addition to the one in the keg right now. Brewing an Oatmeal stout today. Adding cocoa nibs to the secondary.

In the Kegerator:


Vanilla Weizen - Great with a hit of lime

Blood Orange Hefeweizen - Very complex taste with a combination of sweet, sour and malty goodness

ESB - Maybe not the best result.  Developed the recipe on my iphone at the brew store. 

Abita TurboDog Clone - New Orlean's flagship chocolate brown ale.


Have an American IPA sitting ready in the keg for something to empty.


Sitting in Lager is a Yuengling clone to satisfy those cult fans


Bottled we have:


Strong Holiday Ale

Apple of your Ale - Cider Beer 2 parts cider 3 parts beer


Conditioning test batch of Cherry Wheat.


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