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Getting  the ball rolling here I have a Red Ale in keg right now, and am planning on brewing a weizen beer this weekend. 


What beers do you have in the ferment/ What is your favorite thing about them?

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Gary- I love the sound of your blood orange beer, what a great idea. At what point do you include the blood oranges?

Ryan,  The blood oranges get peeled and chopped and heated with the zest of half of the peels (4 oranges and the zest from the peels of two) they oranges and the water that you heated them in are added to primary. 

The recipe I used is floating around the internet.  It was designed by sam calgone of dog fish head. 


Here is the recipe (courtesy google) http://www.thebeerjournals.com/Dogfish_Head_Blood_Orange_Hefeweizen...

I have HopNog in the kegerator and American Pale Ale in the secondary.  I am thinking about brewing next either a Black IPA or a session ale.  Any suggestions on a good session ale recipe?

Hey Guys,

This weekend I will be brewing up a clone of Trappistes Rochefort 8 on Sat and with luck I will be going for a Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V. Piraat Ale on Sunday. We will have to see how things go.

Currently on tap I have a Sierra Nevada Irish Stout Clone that has just come to maturity and I have a Moose Drool clone that is very good but still has a week or two to go.

You guys have a great selection of beers going and I have gotten some great ideas for my next few batches... Thanks!

Just kegged an oatmeal stout with cocoa nibs, smells great, hope it tastes great too.
Right now on draft I have a Cascadian Dark Ale and an Oak Aged Smoked Oatmeal Stout, both are delicious if I do say so myself!  In the conical on week two I've got a sessionable Brown Ale for some spring time drinking and I have an Alt Beer in my inventory!
The nut brown is bottled and the Jalapeno ale is ready for brewing tomorrow.  Stopped in and saw Rich at Brew and Wine Hobby for the grains and hops today, I love that place.  Tonight I tried Ballast Point's award winning Sculpin IPA.  Damn, that was a good beer!  However, it will be the only time I have it because it was $10 for a bomber.... geez!

I second or third the Ray Daniels recommendation.  I formluate almost all my own recipes at this point using that book, BJCP style guidelines, clone recipes and other data (like characteristics of hops, grains, yeast as documented) and plug it all into BeerSmith to tweak.  I've dubbed my house ThreePines Brewing, a CT Pico Brewery...

Recent batches on tap include:

  • ThreePines Irish Red
  • ThreePines Amber Ale
  • ThreePines Schwarzbier
  • ThreePines Cream Ale

Currently fermenting at a brisk 48 degrees is a ThreePines MaiBock.  It should be ready to lager in another couple weeks.


It's such a great hobby and Brew and Wine Hobby makes it happen...

Brewed my first 10 gallon batch today. Picked up a couple sanke kegs a few weeks back, and converted them into a hot liquor tank and brew kettle. Got all fittings and tubing from www.bargainfittings.com. Great deal.

Made a German Pilsner today. All pilsener malt. Bittered with Perle hops and flavor/aroma by Hallertauer.

Recirculated at the end using my newly acquired march pump. That thing is awesome. I highly recommend picking one up.
I have three ales brewed with Maple Sap as the water source conditioning right now -- Maple Sap Vanilla Porter, Maple Sap IPA and a Maple Sap Mild. I went with the West Yorkshire yeast strain for each and did a partial mash for each.

The Mild is done and it came out terrific! The Maple Sap is about 98% water -- only adds about .02 points to the OG -- but it really contributes to the mouthfeel on this low alcohol brew -- coming in at 3.9%abv.

Once the Vanilla Porter and IPA are ready I'll post some pics!

Right now A "BlackStrap Porter" about to be bottled( I have not got to kegging yet ) and will be sending my Blond le to the secondary.A light blond ale I  took the IBU's down a bit. I call it "Bleached Blonde Bingo Ale"
Added bourbon soaked Hungarian oak chips to the secondary of an oatmeal stout brewed with bourbon vanilla stalks-should be an interesting flavor as the vanilla is slightly present in taste and aroma. Just transferred an Irish brewed with clover honey to the secondary last night which will be kegged in the near future. Last but not least barley wine in the primary- brewed last weekend. This will include an addition of blackberry in the secondary.


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