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Ok, I could drink Old Burnside, Hooker, Cottrell, and the other locals all day long: theres nothing like good, fresh, local beer. But is there any out-of-state beer that you can just grab, knowing that it will be awesome? 


For me, I'd have to go with Stone and Victory Breweries as my "go-to" beers when I'm in doubt. Stone's ales are just divine. Packed with flavor, complexity, and finishing smooth, I've never tried a variety of Stone that I didn't like. I know that some people could take or leave Victory, but I personally love their big, loud beer style that produces one of my favorite beers ever: Victory Storm King Imperial Stout. 


What about you guys? What are your "go-to" breweries? 

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I know it may seem cliche but I'm partial to Dogfish...
Weyerbacher has a great variety and is consistently good.  Berkshire brewing is easier to find and is my go to.  Although I love Victory and Flying Dog beers, too.  So many beers, so little time.
I too love dogfish head brewery... 60 minute is my favorite ipa / beer .. yum!
Bell's brewery from Kalamazoo, MI.  Currently drinking a Bell's porter "smuggled" in from MI since Bells doesn't sell in CT.  Their Summer release Oberon is my favorite beer on their line up.
Oberon eh? A good name: I love a good Shakespeare reference!
Clipper City.. Victory is a great stand by as well as Stone and Sierra.
I also enjoy Stone and Victory beers. On top of that add: Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, and Great Divide for me!
I am partial to Coopers Cave Brewery in Glens Falls when I head up to the ADK'S.Ilove there Pathfinder Porter and Sagamore Stout,Heading East Cambridge Brewery and Boston Beer works at RedSox Games,and going South I' say Brooklyn Brerwery Love the "Pennant Ale"
Otter Creek from VT and Anderson Valley and Stone from CA. 
Russian River makes the best commercial beer I have ever had, Pliny the Elder.  Stone is pretty darn good, as is Red Hook product.  Lengthwise Brewing in Bakersfield CA is great if you are ever in that God forsaken town.  For all around performance though, Great Divide in CO wins it for me.  I am sad they are leaving CT.
Of the ones readily available in CT, I would have to say Victory just beating out Dogfish. I love the innovation of DFH, but Victory just has many more "every day" beers in their lineup.

Victory puts out great brews, and Dogfish Head is some of the best beer I've had, but I gotta go to the Star City for my absolute favorite.

There's a great brewery that's been a local staple in Roanoke, Virgina. The Roanoke Railhouse just started bottling their Track 1 and Loose Caboose brews this past December, so it's fairly difficult to find outside of Southwestern Virginia. If you ever find yourself heading south on I-81 for whatever reason, get off on VA exit 140 and find a shop called "The Cork and Keg." They're usually pretty good about having these puppies in stock.


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