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I was wondering where everyone gets their CO2 refilled in CT.  The only place I've found near me (I'm in Enfield) is a paintball shop which charges $20 for to fill a 5lb. tank.  I'd like to find a cheaper place to go.

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ive gone to All Gas in hartford.   I can't remember how much it was, either $15 or $20.   I go there cus their propane is cheap  -- about $14 for bbq size tank.  A few years ago when i was in a pinch i went to a place around Windsor Locks that only did tank exchanges.
I've been going to Shoreline Gas on State Street in Hamden.  I believe my 5# tank was filled for somewhere between $14-$17.  Good guys in there too.  I thought I was out two months ago.  Brought in my tank, and they knew from the weight that it wasn't empty.  Got home and realized that the valve on my regular had been turned off.
Just got my 5# tank refilled yesterday. $18 at Shoreline.
Airgas in Hartford -- 340 Murphy Rd.  They will exchange, not refill. 
ABCO will also exchange.  They have a branch on rt 5 in south windsor.  I exchange my 20# tank at work for our cost of $17.  A paint ball shop is probably one of the most expensive places to go because they're a retail store.
There is a place  in Wallingford down the N. Plains Industrial road that I have gone to a few times. They are very friendly and helpful. They do an exchange (the empty for a full) and from what I remember it is $17 or 18 for a 5lb.

Aero All-Gas on Main street in Hartford.  They will refill.  A 5# tank is $10.  A 20# tank is $18.  You can walk in and, as long as all the guys aren't on their lunch hour, walk out about 5-10 minutes later with your tank(s) filled.


3150 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06120



I had my 5lb tank filled at Hogan's Alley paintball supply in Meriden for $10. That was about 6 months ago, but I doubt the price has doubled since then...
Thanks for the info, I will be sure to check them out

So I went to Hogan's Alley today, still $10. Thanks for suggesting them.


I will try shoreline in Hamden to fill a few tanks this week and post update.



I get mine at my LHBS. Maltose Express in Monroe.


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