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I have recently been looking for information about home brew clubs in CT. I have looked on the AHA website for information regarding local clubs but it doesn't list much more than contact information. Feel free to post information about your local club regarding how often you meet and what kinds of things your club does.

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we are having our second meeting of a newly established brew club at stomp n crush in clinton ct on wed aug 10 at 7 pm all are welcome you should come by if interested. We are still in the development stage if you will we had over 30 people show up to the first meeting so come on down and check us out


Are there any Home Brew Clubs in Middlesex County?  It seems that most are west of the river.

Stomp n Crush is in Clinton. That's probably your best bet. You just missed the Aug meeting last night. Check their web site for the Sept meeting.

hi tom my name is mike and i am a memeber of the newly est. brew club out of clinton ct.  Our next meeting is wed sept 14 @ 7pm @ stomp n crush home brew supply shop in clinton ct located just 1.2 miles past the clinton crossing outlets on rt 81 on the left if your comming from middletown area its south of the killingworth circle about 2.5 miles or so on the right.

If you like you can give me your info and i will enter your email into our mailing list and you will receive all the info for next months meeting or you can visit www.stompncrush.com all are welcome and we hope to see you at our next gathering

I'm looking to establish a club in the East Hampton/Middletown, CT area.  I know there's alot of clubs in the vacinity but way to far to get to.  If anyone's interested in starting a club let me know. 


Tom OBrien


I live in Cheshire and know of two other brewers in the area who might be interested in a club.  It would be nice to have some people with good experience to help us all learn.  It seems there is not much near by here. 



Depending on how far you are willing to drive, you could join any of MASH (New Haven and east), the Knights (Hartford), or the Underground Brewers (New Haven and west). I doubt that a Knights meeting would be more than 30 minutes away.

But this might be a perfect time to start your own club. I know of a BJCP judge who was in a club on Long Island and just moved to Wallingford. He's probably looking for a new club to join. And there are at least two entrants to SNERHC from Wallingford who didn't put down any club affiliation. Where there's a few, there are sure to be more.

AFAIAC, we need more clubs in this state. CT has been underserved for years, with only 3 or 4 clubs to cover hundreds or thousands of homebrewers. And there are more brewers than ever right now. It doesn't have to be formal or rigid. Just gather some people and start a page here. It will grow.

If you go that way, let me know and I'll pass on your info to the new transplant to Wallingford.

Wow, that sounds perfect.  I'll run it by my guys as well.  I know at least one of them was interested in starting our own club.  I just wanted to be sure there were others who could bring more knowledge to the table.  We already talk a lot amongst ourselves.  The Wallingford connection would be perfect if we can get that going.  One of my guys is in Southington as well.  I am sure there are many folks who may be interested in this area.


Thanks Paul!


I live in Cheshire too, also looking for a club that is near by, would love to get in on this.  Have you guys done anything with this yet?  If not are you still interested?   



I live in Middletown. I am interested in starting a club also. I a few friends who would love to join.

Let me know, and maybe we can get together and talk about it. 

I am looking to start a HomeBrewing club in the Middletown area. If there is interest, drop me a line.

Hi Jim

I know some people this side of the river that may also be interested.  Have you been brewing long?

E-mail me at tomobrien67@comcast.net.  Maybe we can meet at Eli Cannon's sometime.


Tom OBrien

East Hampton


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