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Getting  the ball rolling here I have a Red Ale in keg right now, and am planning on brewing a weizen beer this weekend. 


What beers do you have in the ferment/ What is your favorite thing about them?

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This weekend I will be brewing an English Bitter with a low ABV but with a full malt body and a hoppy finish.  The following weekend I will be brewing a Black IPA.   

Brewing a starter for Wyeast 1010 right now.  This weekend I will bottle my jalapeno ale and brew my raspberry wheat beer.  On deck after that is a red ipa.  I'm working on the recipe now, trying to impart RED color in the beer without the roasty or too much caramel flavor.  It will be LOADED with columbus, simcoe, and amarillo hops! 

hmmmm Simcoe and Amarillo, two of my favorites.
First partial mash today. Details to follow.
A Pale Ale, a Patersbeir, and an Imperial IPA.  Racking off the Patersbier today  and Pitching a new version I came up with and will pitch directly onto the WY -3787 (Trappist)  cake.
Finishing up a Belgium IPA today while brewing a Double IPA here at CTBeerTrail.net "world HQ"...

Just finished brewing a witbier.  Had a 50/50 recipe of pilsner malt and unmalted wheat with a small amount of acid malt.  Had no issues with conversion - did a two step infusion with protein and sacc rest, iodine test showed no purple.  Had terrible efficiency though - not sure what the problem was - was off about .08 gravity.  Threw in a pound of pilsner DME and all was right with the world.  In the fermenter now with 3944 - looking forward to a memorial day weekend sampling!

Just reread this.  That should be .008, not .08 :)

Been brewing weekly for over a month. I have a PSA IPA fom Brewer's Best in my primary, a Northern Brewer Pale Ale in Secondary #1 and Chinook IPA in Secondary #2. If you live in the Middlesex area I brew every friday night around Seven give me a holler. Next up on deck is Northern Brewer's Dead Ringer Ale & Extra Pale Ale dry hopped With Warrior Hops.

Hello all,


Right now in keg not yet carbed (aging/mellowing)

Cream ale

Phat Tyre belg pale ale

espresso stout ( last keg kicked at Stomp N Crush brew day


on Tap

Scotch 60 ( not my best but I drink it anyway lol )

Smoked porter

Appleberrywein ( Modded from Eds )

Cream ale


Ready to bottle

Clem wheat

Strong ale with all leftovers (might keg)

Lemon Wheat


In fermenters

 Blackberry Wheat ( this is summer of the wheat)

Ultra light with high hop.

Black IPA


Hope to brew a few batches this week not sure what yet but its a great way to spend rainy night inside.


Right now I have an amber ale bottled that I've been drinking. I'm thinking of brewing a double IPA over the holiday weekend. After that, a recipe of my own (my first).


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