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Is there currently any effort to creating laws that would allow CT's breweries to have similar status and reg's as the CT wineries. I think breweries should be able to sell their bottled product at the brewery. I would like breweries to have the ability to open on Sundays too!

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I believe the CT Manufacturer of Beer permit already allows this - or at least that is the impression we are under.

From the CT 2011 Final Liquor Book
Sec. 30-16 (b)

 (b) A manufacturer permit for beer shall be in all respects the same as a manufacturerpermit, except that the scope of operations of the holder shall be limited to beer, but shallpermit the storage of beer in any part of the state. Such permit shall also authorize the offeringand tasting, on the premises of the permittee, of free samples of beer brewed on such premises and the selling at retail from the premises of sealed bottles or other sealed containers of such beer for consumption off the premises. The offering and tasting shall be limited to visitors whohave attended a tour of the premises of the permittee. Such selling at retail from the premises of sealed bottles or other sealed containers shall comply with the provisions of subsection (d)of section 30-91 and shall permit not more than eight liters of beer to be sold to any person on any day on which such sale is authorized under the provisions of subsection (d) of section 30-91. The annual fee for a manufacturer permit for beer shall be eight hundred dollars.

Currently under CT law, a manufacturer's permit for beer allows for a free tasting if the visitor has been given a tour first.  Hooker I know charges for their tastings and to be honest, I don't know if that's kosher.


But it also allows for selling bottles/cans to take off premise (max 8 liters).


As far as allowing breweries selling on Sundays, that's on the top of my legislative to-do list.  As a tourism-related operation, I need the ability to sell my product on a Sunday to visitors who come on the weekends.  That's key.


Another weakness is that it doesn't appear that a brewery can sell beer by the keg with the 8 liter maximum.  So that's another problem.

Would this apply to a "Nano Brewery"?  Local wineries just got permission to sell wine at farmers markets, it would be great if beer was included in the language.

This is one of the reasons there is a push to pass a "farm Brewery" law similar to what is in Massachusetts.


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