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Drinking American on America’s Day

So, after our baseball games, we have a post-game ritual where we hang out, drink beers, and roast each other for stupid decisions or unathletic plays made during the game.  The usual drink of choice is strictly Bud Light and Budweiser because my teammates are…


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BY RICH • JUNE 28TH, 2011

Let’s face it, most of us know someone that likes a Lambic. Maybe it is you, a friend, someone that just hangs around a lot… but there is a good chance you know someone who has said “I really like lambic.” Okay, great, but what do they mean? Most of the lambics that come to the US aren’t proper wild brewed lambics, but rather fruited and sweetened blended…


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CT Beer Trail is giving away free fest tickets all year round!

The title of this post says it all. We're giving away free tickets to the best beer festivals in the state all year round. 

CT Beer Trail has a full schedule of great events lined up, and we're going to get some of you in the door for free! The events include...



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The store is on it's way to being open!

Cork & Brew's demolition of it's new store in Southington is officially on its way.  We are shooting for a soft opening in mid August and grand opening after Labor Day.  Stay tuned to details...

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We have again had a taste of hot weather in New England, and every year this prompts the same question: what do I brew? There are ways of managing fermentation temperatures (there is a nice thread on our facebook page about this). Sometimes none of them are either sufficient or practical because of our situations (our homes get too hot for the low-tech solutions or, we can’t get into the equipment, etc.). There is a solution to this: think about why you cannot ferment in the heat!



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What to Do With All Those Caps

Last beer drank: Samuel Adams Irish Red

                 My only real past experiences with Irish Reds have been the ever-affordable Killian's. When I saw that Samuel Adams put out an Irish ale, my interest was piqued. The…


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They almost pulled off purchasing Pabst…how lucky they are that they didn’t…

This blog post is a bit different than most of my blog posts, but I thought it would be worth writing because it is based on a pretty interesting story and it provides a small insight into the difficulty of starting a brewery, an insight that I think will blow your mind.

I came across this article the a few weeks ago when I was…


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Burnside Craft Brewer's Fest: A local festival for local brewers

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. -- Connecticut craft beer enthusiasts were abuzz(pun intended) at Martin Park in…


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Burnside Craft Brewers Fest expected to draw 1000 beer enthusiast

6/17/2011 – East Hartford, Conn.  – 1000 craft beer fans are expected to descend up Martin Park in East Hartford for tomorrow’s Burnside Craft Brewers Festival featuring every Connecticut brewery and more than 60 beers from around the world.


 “Last years attendance, in a horrible rainstorm, was around 500, this year we're hoping to double that,” said Jason McClellan, owner of Olde Burnside Brewing Co and host to this event. 


McClellan is…


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An example of bootstrapping at the Half Full Brewery...

So, I was going through a monotonous exercise yesterday -- stripping, cleaning, and sanitizing bottles which I would later fill with beer for potential investors -- when I decided to spice things up a little bit. It has been quite awhile since I taped something that made my wife Lindsay cringe, so I went for it and put together a little video that highlights how we bootstrap here at the Half Full Brewery.

Without further… Continue

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An Abundance of Local Flavor

Last beer drank: Narragansett Summer Ale



                It was hard to get a smell off of this one. After a few seconds of deep inhaling I got the sensation of hops, clover, and a very, very small hint of…


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Beer nuts just don't cut it anymore.

My latest Examiner article is the first in a series of three that offer recipes for summer snacks and dips.

Article one is for guacamole, along with a helpful and fun party idea.

Here's the recipe over at this link, or click the picture to jump there.



Catch you on the flip side,…


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Hop River Ales (my blog)


Homebrewer and blogger... new to the site. not sure if this is the right way to do this but was told it's cool to plug my brewing blog here...




Thanks for looking.


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I'm just saying...

So, last week I received an e-mail flyer for an evening of blues music and refreshment at Bushnell Park. It was last Friday i believe. The evening featured 4 or 5 Blues arists, and I think some, if not all, were local musicians. i also noticed the evening was sponsored by Budweiser and Red Hook. I think if someone wants to promote an event with local artists it would be beneficial to invite local breweries as sponsors.

Added by Jim Cavallari on June 10, 2011 at 9:15am — 4 Comments

UPDATED: Proposed Bill 464 Passed by the House!

Proposed Bill 464, which will establish a Connecticut Beer Trail to promote the manufacturing and sale of Connecticut made beer, was passed by the House last night June 8, 2011.

141 members of the house voted in favor of the CT Beer Trail, far exceeding the 74 votes needed to pass the bill. Despite the overwhelming support provided for this vote,…


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Brewer's Best All Ingredient Kits Available in Ansonia!!!

 A Wine & Beer Makers Cellar in Ansonia is your local source for Brewer's Best All Ingredient Kits.  Why

not stop in this weekend and check us out!  Visit www.wineandbeercellar .com

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Beer: Hero or Anti-Hero?

 Last beer drank: Hooker Munich Style Lager



                I wanted to kick off this month with a good local Spring beer. The Munich Style Lager pours out a deep gold color, with a head that pops  up and fizzles out like a carbonation bubble. Over all the body is…


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Beers, Baseball, Buddies, and Balance...

As an entrepreneur/small business owner, you spend a lot of time by yourself -- be it lost in thought or stressing about something you cannot control -- and it is really important to built things into your schedule to help keep you balanced and in touch with other people.  For a long time, I tried to stay balanced by going on runs with my dog Pounce, however, the problem with running is that it is a great exercise for you to get lost in your thoughts and stress about things that you cannot… Continue

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There seems to be a bit of confusion out there these days as to what actually constitutes effective and safe cleaning and sanitation practice for the homebrewer.   The first step in understanding your own routine is differentiating between the two terms and understanding the products that are available.

“Cleaning” refers to the removal of gross debris, residue, or otherwise visible or invisible gunk plaguing your equipment.  Avoid using household soaps, detergents, or chlorine bleach…


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