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6 CT Breweries Mentioned: "Great American Craft Beer"

Too many Connecticut beer references?
That's what some are saying about Andy Crouch's "Great American Craft Beer"

"...I checked the index to see which Oregon breweries made the list (10) and noticed that the beers of Andy's New England home region seem to be over-represented. Six Connecticut breweries get a mention, but just three from Washington state. In all, Crouch highlights thirty-four New England breweries. Is this a case of bias, or is there another explanation?" Jeff Alworth

Alworth goes on to explain his theory that because there are so many quality beers available across the nation, one writer could not possibly capture them all in one book. Furthermore he asserts that craft beer is "almost exclusively a local or, at best, regional phenomenon." Implying Crouch may have listened to the old adage (write what you know) and written about the beers he knew, in this case he knew about quality beers in his neck of the words, New England.

There's certainly some truth in this assessment. Which is why I always try to visit a local brewery or brewpub when I travel for business on extended trips. There's always something to discover in local beer cultures across the nation.  Trying local beers away from home is great for broadening your beer horizons.

But after considering this theory should we begin to question the quality of the six CT breweries mentioned? Are they not truly worthy of mention on such a national scale? With so many great craft beer offerings here in Connecticut I sincerely doubt we have any reason to doubt Mr. Crouch's selections. I think the real issue here is that Connecticut is under valued for it's beer culture and fortunately Mr. Crouch is able to see that.

Nagging questions...
What six breweries did he mention? Should we assume some were actual brewpubs? There's only one way to find out, read the book! We'd love to hear what you thought of the book and specifically the beers and breweries mention within that represent Connecticut. So please leave your thoughts in a comment and rate this book using this post's star rating feature.


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