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IF you really LIKE BEER and wish to work in a CT Brew Pub then read on!


The Cambridge House Brew Pub in Granby is searching for an experienced, first rate server who know beer and can help our customers decide on and enjoy beer!  Our beers change frequently and we also put on a great selection of guest taps, so you must stay current with the ever expanding options of beer. Of course there is plenty of great food to learn and enjoy as well.


The down side is, it's a job, you must show up for every shift looking good and ready to deal with a wide array of customers, from the regulars who become friends to the ugly obnoxious know it all snobs you hope you never see again until they have actually learned to like it in the pub and become regulars you look forward to serving.


We have a tremendous group of regulars who visit and a core group of great people working in the pub but right now we are looking for one great server to add to our family of staff. 


If you are up to the challenge, really like beer, and believe you can make it through our weedout/training period then click this link to apply now.








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