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Local recording artist taps into the local beer community to tell his story

4/1/2011 – Eli Cannon’s Tap Room, Middletown, Conn.  – Local recording artist Adam Wallenta invites you to join him for a beer tonight in your finest super hero attire to help celebrate the release of his latest music video “The Mask” on location at Eli Cannon’s Tap Room in Middletown Connecticut where much of the video was filmed. 


The video features Eli Cannon’s Tap Room as a local watering hole where super heroes go to unwind over a pint of good beer after a long night of fighting crime.  The main character, a super hero named “the Mask” played by Wallenta, runs into romantic trouble when his faithfulness is questioned.


But Wallenta’s rendition of the classic ‘caught cheating’ tale took a different approach, one that includes super villains, caped crusaders and the local beer scene.


“I didn’t want to do the typical “cheating” song because I’m not that type of guy,” said Wallenta. “So I figured I would flip it, and make it about a regular guy who moonlights as a superhero to help his community. He’s still kind of cheating in regards to who he devotes his time to, but it’s out of a sense of responsibility.”



Wallenta chose Eli Cannon’s Tap Room, a favorite among the state’s craft beer fans, for his primary filming location.


“I wanted the video to reflect a sense of community amongst superheroes who come together to connect and unwind.  I figured what better way than by grabbing a drink together,” said Wallenta.  “Eli Cannon’s has such a great look to it, it was perfect, and they really take pride in building with the community so they embraced the idea of the video 100% and I’m incredibly grateful for that.”


Wallenta doesn’t claim to be an expert on beer but he prefers to drink local beer rather than products sold by larger breweries because he can relate to the artistic approach local craft brewers bring to their products.


“I think anyone that is serious about their craft takes pride in what they do and has to work hard to perfect it. Like beer, art takes time to create and bring to life,” said Wallenta.  “With a great well-crafted beer you can taste that quality and love put into it, just like when you look at a fine piece of art.”


“I really love that there are local craftsmen brewing their own beers and doing what they love.  More people need to produce things locally, whether it is beer, produce, furniture, art, whatever- we need to build a sense of pride and community in this state,” said Wallenta.  “I hope the people of CT will do what they can to support these local brewers and businesses so they can continue to share their passion with all of us.”


Despite his appreciation for local beer, Wallenta had a confession to make about the beer his character was drinking in the video.


“Actually it was a combination of apple juice and seltzer I believe,” laughed Wallenta. “It was disgusting. I’m a light-weight so there is no way I could drink that much beer and perform.”



Keep your eyes open for Adam Wallenta’s new album “For Adam” coming out next month.  You can check out http://www.illusmedia.com/ and http://www.adamwallenta.com/ for all of the details. He also has a new comic book in the works and will be at this years ComiCONN in Stamford doing live-art and signing books, cds and art. Check out http://comiconn.com/ for all the details.

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